If you intend to employ a temporary alien, you should be aware that the terms of such contracts are somewhat different from the terms of contracting with permanent residents. You will need the same employment contract with a foreign worker 2016, a sample that you can see in the article. Exclusive written form authorized for the conclusion of an employment contract with a foreign citizen. Oral agreements do not have the force of law, they are absolutely unacceptable. It should be noted that the contract must indicate the occupation of foreign worker, the position exercised, the staff and the qualifications. The position of a particular foreigner must be in line with the requirements of the qualification manuals. These qualification guides are approved by the Russian government. Migration may be necessary to determine the legality and duration of a foreigner`s stay in the country. Can enter into an employment contract with a foreign patent employee or work permit. Moreover, the foreigner can present the authorization himself after the signing of the contract. The peculiarity of this rule is that the employer presents to the SGF an employment contract with a foreign citizen with other documents to obtain a work permit for a foreign professional. Please note – in this case, the contract of employment with a foreigner will not come into effect until after the issuance of the authorization document. The same rule applies when an employment contract is entered into for the performance of a certain work, a fixed-term contract.

The form of the document “Approximate form of a fixed-term contract with a foreign worker” refers to the section “Employment Contract, Employment Contract.” Save the link to the document on social media or upload it to your computer. Characteristics of the contract of employment with a foreigner according to the documents: 1. Typical contract of work with a foreigner must be concluded in two languages. One of them is Russian, the second is determined by the origin of the employee. Of course, there are no strict requirements in this regard, but companies that distrust themselves always take into account the interests of the parties. In particular – the employee will not be able to fault management for first misrepreshaving the requirements or conditions of the transaction because of a language barrier; To create the right contract to work with a stranger, simply answer the questions carefully, fill out the entry fields, and simply print the document. Any other document confirming your identity can be used as an alternative to a passport. Also model employment contract with a foreign citizen, download and complete, which you can have in just a few minutes, does not need to contain information about the work book.

This rule applies to those who get a job first. To gain experience, the employer must engage in the registration of work – SNILS in accordance with Article 65 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. 2. A strict start date must be specified. If it is not possible to indicate a particular day, note that the specialist begins to perform his tasks as soon as he is allowed to work. Another nuance is that a professional cannot continue until he or she obtains a work permit. Point this point in the document by answering the corresponding question from the designer.

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