I did it. In accordance with Section 80 of the Act, taxes must be paid upon presentation of the document. The rate varies from state to state and varies for the document. Article 17, paragraph 2, point v), provides that a document that does not in itself create a right to a property of a value greater or equal to section 17, but merely creates a right to obtain another document which, when executed, creates such a right, must not be registered. A sale agreement in the usual form, which is the receipt of seriousness and the execution of a regular deed of sale to the payment of the balance money, is a document of this type. The unregistered abbey can only be used by the applicant in the case of a possession action and not withdrawal to prove the nature of the possession. Therefore, section 49 of the Act cannot be used to gain any advantage in a back-up action. The secondary objective is other than the creation, attribution, declaration, suppression or limitation of a right to real estate; Documents that require mandatory registration under the Registration Act 1908 can be used for warranties. In the case of Tek Bahadur Bhujil v. Debi Singh Bhujil AIR 1966 SC 292 The court held that if a document relating to the family agreement is made in writing for the purpose of using it as evidence, such a document would require mandatory registration, as the document would be declared on the consultation document for the future the various rights or rights or properties of each family member would acquire and enjoy. (f) Documents relating to property transfer contracts for compensation within the meaning of Section 53 A of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, which was executed on the date or after the introduction of the Registration Act and other rights related to the amendment, 2001.

In the case of Narinder Singh Rao v. Avm Mahinder Singh Rao Narender Sr. had left a desire that his wife could inherit the property. The will, signed by a single witness, was not registered and the widow bequeathed the entire property to one of her nine children. The aggrieved children challenged their mother`s complaint in court and stated that the will was not valid and that they were also entitled to their father`s property. The Supreme Court held that the children had the right to inherit the property because the will was not valid because it was not attested by two witnesses. (x) any provision for a loan under the Agriculturists Loans Act of 1884 (XII of 1884), the Agricultural Development Bank Regulation of 1961 (Regulation NO. IV of 1961) or any other act currently in force, regarding the granting of loans for agricultural purposes or an instrument under which a loan is granted by a co-operative for that purpose or to a guarantee instrument for the repayment of a loan thus granted; or in accordance with Section 25 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908, where a document is not submitted for registration within the prescribed four-month period and, in this case, the delay in submitting the document does not exceed a later four-month period, the contracting parties may ask the Clerk to do so upon payment of a fine not exceeding ten times the proper registration fee. Section 50. Some recorded documents relating to property that must take effect against unregistered documents. – (1) Any document of the species covered by clauses (a), (c) and (d) section 17, subsection 1 and any document registered in accordance with Section 18, as long as the document relates to the property or confirms receipt or payment of consideration for transactions related to immobility, if it is properly registered; With regard to the property it contains against any unregistered document relating to the same heritage and does not take effect as a decree or order, whether it is an unregistered document corresponding to the recorded document or not: Section 17 deals with documents whose registration is mandatory.

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