[101] Francisco Mauricio Martinez and Katerin Chumil, “Gobierno by Jimmy Morales mintié sobre términos para el pa`s por acuerdo de asilo con EE. Uu. (Jimmy Morales` government lied about an asylum deal with the United States on the country`s terms), Prensa Libre, February 27, 2020, www.prensalibre.com/guatemala/politica/gobierno-de-jimmy-morales-mintio-en-cuanto-a-que-el-acuerdo-de-asilo-no-representaria-un-costo-para-guatemala/. The structural causes that people are fleeing from their countries of origin are not resolved. The imposition of ACA only worsens the situation of people marginalized by the state, especially indigenous peoples, LGBTQ people, women and children. The coalition of organizations stresses that there is no agreement or policy that will prevent people from looking for a place to lead a fulfilling life, which is mostly free from persecution and violence. · Lift the five-year ban on entry into the United States for persons subject to an asylum cooperation agreement; Even more pitiful is the Salvadoran administration of determination: the Salvadoran newspaper El Faro reported that it had only one asylum official. Together, these strategies achieve Trump`s goal of reducing legal immigration as a whole by putting asylum out of reach of migrants arriving at the southern border. They also involve the return of migrants to countries where crime and instability are high and which are not used to dealing with an influx of people seeking refuge. The petition states that CASA “threatens the safety and dignity of migrants and violates the sovereignty of these countries.” The U.S. Congress is considering draft budgets for next year, “it should do everything in its power to stop the implementation of these asylum cooperation agreements.” The campaign requires Congress to defuse ACA and request more information on the signing, funding and implementation of ACAS. THE ACCORDS were negotiated in secret and without the involvement of a country`s legislation. [20] Gabriel Stargardter, “Exclusive: Mexico Opposes US Plan to Make it Take Asylum Seekers – Document, Source,” Reuters, July 12, 2018, www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-usa-immigration-exclusive/exclusive-mexico-opposes-u-s-plan-to-make-it-take-asylum-seekers-document-source-idUSKBN1K23BA. See also, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Mexico, “Positioning Mexico before the U.S.

government`s decision to implement Section 235 b) (c) of its Immigration and Nationality Act,” www.gob.mx/sre/es/articulos/posicionamiento-de-mexico-ante-la-decision-delgobierno-de-eua-de-implementar-la-seccion-235-b-2-c-de-su-ley-de-inmigracion-y-nacionalidad-185774?idiom=es. See also, Julién Aguilar, “Mexico agrees to take in some asylum seekers while migrant advocates ensure their safety,” Texas Tribune, January 25, 2019, www.texastribune.org/2019/01/25/mexico-agrees-house-some-asylum-seekers-advocates-worry-about-safety/. See also, US Department of Homeland Security, “Migrant Protection Protocols policy implementation memo,” January 25, 2019, www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/19_0129_OPA_migrant-protection-protocols-policy-guidance.pdf. U.S. asylum seekers do not review migrant cases until they are sent to Guatemala. The Trump administration on Wednesday began sending back to Guatemala migrants seeking refuge on the southern border, the first migrants returned under a series of agreements negotiated earlier this year that almost prevent Central Americans from seeking asylum in the United States. A letter from the Union of Asylum Officials in the ACA trial states: “The ACA rule reflects a dramatic abandonment of long-standing refugee screening processes and a brutal reinterpretation of the role of the asylum representative.” [63] Trump called the agreements “a way to send a clear message to human traffickers and human traffickers” and to end “the widespread abuse of the [asylum] system and the crippling crisis” on the southern border.

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