Section 3. Exam fees. 1. A candidate must pass the National Marriage and Family Therapy Exam, conducted and verified by the Professional Examination Service. (2) The applicant shall pay the required examination fee directly to the Professional Examination Service. 10) » 4 Email Address: Although providing your email address is optional, the Board of Directors strongly recommends submitting it in order to facilitate communication. D B. PHOTOGRAPHY. If approximately 2″ X 2″ must be measured and taken within 60 days of filing the application. The photo should only be passport quality of your head and shoulders. Hang the photo on the app in the area provided. D C. EXAMINATION SECURITY AGREEMENT.

The examination security agreement must be completed and signed in ink. If you do not enter into this agreement, your authorization to participate in the exams will be delayed. 37A-318 (revised 01/2017) 1. D. D. ROYALTY. Submit a cheque or payment order payable to the Behavioral Sciences Fund. The $fee consists of a registration fee (to evaluate your experience and the course) and an exam fee of $• Pathway 1: mutual agreement between the State of Maine and another jurisdiction. Currently, the State of Maine Board of Counseling Professionals Licensure has no reciprocal agreements with other jurisdictions.

Therefore, applicants must submit their application to either Pathway 2 or Pathway 3 if they are already licensed in another jurisdiction. • Pathway 2 (essentially equivalent license): the applicant presents proof of five (5) years during which he actively practices with a substantially equivalent license, just before application, in good condition, or • Pathway 3 (substantially similar qualifications): the applicant`s qualifications are substantially similar to the license requirements of Maine licensed, which is reputable. (5) The cost of verification and verification of the evaluation of an audit carried out by the Division shall be $20 usurped, plus any costs levied by the testing service. 16. . .

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