It`s official! We signed our very first professor`s contract at the CCV! So much hard work, dedication and dedication has gone into this. Congratulations to all. Special thanks to our bargaining team! Elisabeth Garretson Lehr, Emily Casey Kathleen Moore, Laura Gannon Murakami, Valerie Welter, Jill Mudcock, Luigi Colasanto, Peter Money, Victor P. Ehly, Jean Cannon. as well as Carla & Bill! Of course, many more of you have made this possible. Together, we are stronger! This is a historic first step for our union and our college. Clarification: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to the actions taken by the faculty. Members agreed on a proposal to compare the facts. If we, the professors of the CVC, decided to integrate into the existing Federation of VsC Professors, we would pay the amount of the contribution that the members of their union currently pay, which is 1% of their salary. This is the same amount as all other residents of AFT Vermont (with the exception of UVMMC nurses who decided to pay a little more). Under the new Treaty, the administration “shall provide the Union with the value of one (1) course of three credits made available to an official or faculty member of the Union designated by the Union for the purpose of carrying out the activities of the Union”. This proposal provides for the union to divide this scholarship into three ways to have three elected union positions and scholarship holders to do union work, including member development and complaint handling.

Out of a total of 218 full-time faculties that are eligible to vote, 84% voted. And of those voters, 95% voted in favor of the proposal. For a variety of reasons, this proposal involves the formal integration of our bargaining unit with the other bargaining units in the faculty within the VSC system. We make this proposal for a variety of reasons, including: after more than a year and a half of negotiations, the Vermont State Colleges faculty voted to approve a factual recommendations for a new contract with the administration. If both parties reach a final agreement, the four-year contract would expire in August 2022 (the previous agreement expired in August 2018). We are deeply concerned that CCV/VSCS is appealing faculty claims at this stage. We have never heard of other employers reducing the workload and then actively blocking employees` attempts to maintain unemployment. “The faculty is willing to take a few shots to support the future of the institution,” Cline said.

“That`s why they voted overwhelmingly in favor of this very sensible regulation.” It will be important to have a small elected executive body in order to be able to make timely decisions if necessary. The good practice is that these elected representatives are also included as stewards so as not to be removed from the challenges facing the faculty. The 16 percent cut is a compromise, according to Cline, who said the administration`s initial proposal was much smaller and that “faculty was at a lower rate than any other VSC employee, union or non-union.” “The faculty is ready for this conflict to be over so we can move forward together,” Cline said. .

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