International money laundering laws require us to exercise due diligence on behalf of banks, money laundering authorities and tax authorities for each transaction. THERE IS NO WAY TO EXECUTE OR ACCEPT A MANDATE THAT IS NOT COVERED BY DUE DILIGENCE! As agents (payers), we know the procedures and guarantee a safe and legal service. A payer is usually, but not required, to be a lawyer (also known as a “lawyer`s payer”). When it comes to commission payments for contracts that deal with large sums of money (such as oil, gas, steel, iron, gold, NTDs, EVs, T-bands, and other instruments), most banks in the U.S. are very cautious when it comes to dealing with such sums of money. In addition, most buyers and sellers of such transactions want to place the money with a neutral third party for withdrawal. In most cases, the buyer and seller involved in the transaction need a payer to manage all incoming and outgoing funds. ❖Copy of all transaction documents, including payment agreement. In the United States, there is no licensing requirement to be a payer. However, a payer is often a licensed attorney, due to the security concern that attorneys in the United States are required to keep any funds they do not own directly in a “lawyer`s trust account” (also known as an IOLTA account) monitored by the state bar association in the state where the attorney practices. *Please note that at Ebraham Legal Services we will not participate in any actual transaction/transaction/project that has led to the demand/need for commercial agents (payers).

*We never get involved in disputes between buyers, sellers and intermediaries and remain neutral. *We never give our opinion on the transaction/transaction/project. Upon request and as part of our international legal advice, we also accept mandates on request for the drafting and adaptation of all contracts and agreements. A Paymaster contract affects ALL parties: sender, receiver and intermediary. We receive many requests from intermediaries who want to secure their commissions via a Paymaster contract. That is fine; however, the main contract must be concluded between the SENDER and the RECIPIENT of the funds. So if you are an intermediary, please let the sender and/or recipient contact us. It makes no sense to request our Paymaster services, in which the sender and recipient are not involved.

What is the volume of funds? In which country and in which bank are the funds held? Copy of the fee agreement between all intermediaries 1) A copy of the valid driver`s license and/or passport; 2) Complete IRS Form W-9 for the United States…

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